Eton swine flu outbreak spreads

Three further cases of swine flu are confirmed at Eton College, while a total of 17 are diagnosed across the UK.

Counterfeit DVDs to be destroyed

More than 2,000 counterfeit DVDs with a street value of about 5,000 are seized at industrial estates Berkshire.

House gutted in suspected arson

More than 20 firefighters bring a fire at a house in Berkshire under control after it is gutted in a suspected arson attack.

Swine flu tests on 32 Eton pupils

A further 32 suspected cases of swine flu among pupils at exclusive Eton College are reported to health officials.

Animal Tracks

10:00 on 31/07/2009: Learn some of the skills the tracker and open up a whole new world. try some different ways of moving silently and getting closer to wildlife (be prepared to get dirty!) and find the tracks of animals, including the wolves and find the story in the tracks. Suitable for children 8 years+, parents welcome as well but not essential. Tickets £10.00 per person

Badger Talk

19:00 on 03/07/2009: Come and learn all about the world of the badger, its life underground and its habits with Jeff Haydn from the Badgers Trust. You will be able to watch live video footage of a very active badger set and see some of the shy creatures in their native habitat. Tickets £5.00 per person

Paddy Ashdown Talk & Book Signing

19:00 on 08/07/2009: Paddy Ashdown has certainly lived his life to the full. He has been a Royal Marine Commando, a member of The Special Boat Service and an international peacemaker, as well as an MP and party leader. This widely respected and admired politician comes to Hungerford to talk about his autobiography, ‘A Most Fortunate Life’. After the talk he will look forward to taking questions from the audience and sign copies of his book. Tickets are £4.oo (redeemable against the book on the night).

Reptiles, Creepy Crawlies & Wolves

11:00 on 18/08/2009: Come and see giant African land snails, a Madagascan hissing cockroach, African Millipede, a tarantula and lots more in this fun, fact-filled talk with lots of animals that the children can get up close to and even touch. You will also have a tour of the centre to see the wolves in their enclosures. For children 6 years +.

Dame Ann Leslie Talk

19:00 on 19/06/2009: The Fleet Street legend, Dame Ann Leslie, will be talking about her eventful life – from Chief Foreign Correspondent for the Daily Mail to showbusiness reporter – to celebrate the paperback release of her critically acclaimed memoir ‘Killing My Own Snakes’. Dame Ann will answer any questions from the audience and sign copies of her book. Tickets cost £4.00 and includes a complimentary glass of wine.

Egypt at Highclere Talk

19:00 on 25/06/2009: Lady Carnarvon will be giving a talk about Egypt at Highclere to celebrate the launch of a new exhibition at Highclere Castle called ‘Wonderful Things!’ and the accompanying book. The discovery of Tutankhamun by George, the 5th Earl of Carnarvon and Howard Carter is arguably the most celebrated story in archaeological history. Come along to what is sure to be a fascinating evening.

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